Mini Handwriting Analysis Personality Readings Delivered Online in the "Blink of an Eye!" 😉

These events are hosted on "Wire" a free collaborative messaging app that allows us to securely communicate using text messages, photos, videos and voice messages in real time.

How to Participate in a Live Event

Step #1 Install Wire and Connect with Handwriting Event

Find Wire for iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet in the App Store or Google Play store.  When you first launch the app on your device, it will ask you to register a personal account by verifying your phone number or email.

  • For iPhone users: Type in your number and click the arrow button. You will receive a verification code through SMS text message. Type this code into the app, and click the forward button again. Continue through the welcome screen.

  • For Android users: Type in your number and click the arrow. Wait for the app to verify your phone number.

  • For email verification: Click “Create an account” and then type in your desired email and password. You will receive a confirmation email. Type in the code to complete your registration.

After registering an account, you can choose your username, display name, and even a custom profile photo. You can always change them later.

Once you are set up, you will land on your “conversations” homepage.

Click on the START A CONVERSATION or CREATE A GROUP icon in the bottom left corner and type Handwriting Private Eye in the SEARCH BY NAME or USER NAME window and click CONNECT.  I will accept the request and add you to the specific named group that will be hosting the event.

Once connected and the event begins you are welcome to join a conversation and send text messages, images, videos, etc. at the bottom of the screen.

Step #2: Write Your Sample

On unlined paper please provide a sample of cursive writing, as you normally would write. One or two sentences will be sufficient. Write about anything neutral that will not reveal your personality characteristics. Writing a nursery rhyme, something about the weather in your area, or an event that has nothing to do with you personally, is suggested. Since I will be telling you about your personality, talents and social behaviors, I ask that you not share in your writing sample:

• your profession or professional interests,
• your hobbies,
• your challenges, issues, or personal concerns,
• your likes and dislikes or,
• your relationships with parents, loved ones or other individuals close to you.

Be sure to include your signature. Sign your name as you would traditionally sign, and print your name legibly under your signature.

Step #3: Submit Your Sample

Take a photo of your sample and submit it as an attachment using at the ADD IMAGE icon at the bottom of the screen.

I will respond to your handwritten sample and your questions and comments during the presentation.  I will try to move the process along as quickly as possible (depending on the number of participants during a given event) so please be patient as I will get to every person who submits a sample.

Again, please feel free to use the chat box as well for questions and comments.

Enjoy your readings!

Lianne Boas
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